Peaks Island  LbNA # 4502

Placed DateJun 19 2003
LocationPortland/Peaks Island, ME
Planted ByHeather    
Found By Fox Tracks
Last Found Jul 6 2008
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Peaks Island, ME Letterbox
September 14, 2007: Thank you to C. Walker for the new notebook and to others who offered to help us out. A new notebook is ready to be filled with your stamps and thoughts.

August 7, 2007: UPDATE-the notebook is full! We won't be able to replace it until June 2008 (we live a 6 hour drive away), but if there are any generous souls out there with a spare notebook we'd SO appreciate a new one.

Still there & intact!: June 24, 2005! Apologies to the person who found our letterbox without its contents on June 22; we were cleaning out the contents due to moisture.

Planted: June 19, 2003
Posted: June 28, 2003
1. Arrive by Casco Bay ferry via Portland.
2. Walk uphill and take the first street on the right (on your left is Down Front which can serve you up some wonderful ice cream on your way back, but don't get distracted by this yet).
3. Take a left before the road turns to dirt (or walk a little on the dirt road and take the secret pathway on the left that connects up with Greenwood Street).
4. Walk down Greenwood Street, after taking a right.
5. Go down the hill towards the water and at the 'T' in the road, you can sit on the marble bench to see the view or you can continue on your search...
6. Turn right at the 'T' and take the dirt road.
7. You will pass a wooden trail (on the left) that you can access later to visit a lovely, secluded beach. Meanwhile, walk uphill on the dirt road.
8. After a little while, #15 will be on your left.
9. Go left into the graveyard (not the official entrance) by the tall pillar for 'Alice S.' & 'Olive W.'
10. Walk straight into the graveyard (with the faded red house on your left) until you arrive in front of 'Temple' and 'Little John'.
11. Turn right, towards Portland.
12. On your left, 1/2 way across the graveyard, are the McGuires.
13. Go to Ivie & Eugene McGuire's head stones, they are below the cedar tree (on the coastal edge of the graveyard).
15. At 2 o'clock from Eugene, you'll find our box under old cedar bark and dead leaves. Please return the box under the bark & leaves when you have stamped.

Enjoy your surroundings, this is a beautiful area and the graveyard holds over 200 years of history. Look for the oldest grave marker, but do so with care, this is a part of our history that needs to be respected. The beach is just down below the graveyard and that cool, delicious ice cream is awaiting you back by the ferry.

Also, if you are able to drop us a line to let us know if our box is still intact, etc.