Tree Trivia  LbNA # 45020

Placed DateDec 29 2008
LocationGranville, OH
Planted Byponytail bandit    
Found By TeamDoll
Last Found Sep 21 2013
Hike Distance?

These are two letterboxs placed in Infirmary Mound Park which is located four to five miles south of the Village of Granville on State Route 37.

Box #1 is called TREE TRIVIA

1. Go to shelter house number four parking lot to start.

2. Go to the double white pine; its very fine.

3. Turn to 80 degrees on your compass. Take 76 steps at an 8 year old's pace an then you'll find yourself at a sliding place. Take 12 steps toward the sun, sit on the metal and slid on your bum!

4. Turn directly north and look at the trees, this variety is the squirrels favorite and the farthest of three. (Approximately 110 paces to this clue.)

5. Turn to 310 degrees west and cross the lot (60 paces), look around the base of "Old Scotchie" and you've found the spot. "Old Scotchie" looks kind of rough; his bark is scaly, his top is tough, but he still has his buddies and that's enough!

Box #2 is called Bille Goat's Gruff

1. Go to shelter house number three, you will see it marked on the post.

2. Look to north at 15 degrees, you'll spot a bronze plaque amongst the trees.

3. When you have walked to the plaque then turn to the west, you'll see the way to cross a creek that works the best.

4. If you've read Billie Goat's Gruff you've heard there is a troll under such places. If your curious and brave check under the 1st south end bridge pole. If your good you'll find a box placed by a troll.