Beaded Bliss  LbNA # 45021

Placed DateDec 29 2008
LocationMyrtle Beach, SC
Planted ByMoopies    
Found By Clan Browniano
Last Found May 14 2015
Hike Distance?

The Moonstone is characterized by an enchanting play of light. Indeed it owes its name to that mysterious shimmer which always looks different when the stone is moved. This shimmer is known in the trade as “adularescence” and in earlier times people believed they could recognize in it the crescent and waning phases of the moon. This gemstone is surrounded by a good deal of mystique and magic. In many cultures it is regarded as a dream stone which brings the wearer beautiful visions at night.

To find where Beaded Bliss is located you first must go to Please note the store hours and come visit with us. Call for directions if needed. Once you have entered the colorful world of beading at MoonStone, take a pause to look around at all of the beautiful displays of beads. In one of those displays you will find “Beaded Bliss.”

The store owners are "letterboxaholics" and have approved this letterbox to be placed on the premises. They would love for you to stop and chat with them about your letterboxing adventures.