Pig on The Homestead  LbNA # 45027

OwnerKanga and Little Roo      
Placed DateDec 30 2008
LocationHilliard, OH
Found ByPraying Mantises (Attempted)
Last UpdateJun 1 2013


This letterbox is located at The Homestead - A Township Park, 4675 Cosgray Road Hillliard Ohio 43026.

As you enter the park, park your car in the parking lot on the right side of the drive next to a white building called the Barn Shelter. From the parking lot, follow the walking path past the Barn Shelter toward the playground. Cut through the playground. Go up the small hill, staying on the path, and past 8 evergreen trees on your right. Once past the trees, go down the hill and through the opening in the white picket fence and continue down the path. Take a breather and sit on the cow bench on your right and admire the large US Flag. Continue down the path and on the stone/dirt path on your right. You will come to Laurence Eberhart’s stone. Walk 30 paces. The letterbox is in the bushes on your right next to a tree.