Bear River Elk  LbNA # 45033

Placed DateDec 29 2008
LocationEvanston, WY
Found By travelin'6
Last Found Jul 23 2011
Hike Distance?

***UPDATE 05-20-09**** Stamp is gone but box is still there****** :o(

Most people try to travel I-80 through Wyoming as quickly as possible because it is so boring, flat, and barren. Well if you would just stop to smell the roses...err..umm..sagebrush and stamp a few letterboxes, you might realize that Wyoming can be a very neat place! Unfortunately, there are very few letterboxes in Wyoming so lets get carving guys!!!

To find the Bear River Elk take Exit 6 into Evanston, WY.

Turn onto Bear River Road (away from town) following the signs for BEAR RIVER STATE PARK (about 1/4 mile off I-80).

Take your first RIGHT into the park (going straight would lead you to the visitors center).

Follow the road till it loops around at the end while enjoying the view of the not-so-wildlife. Stop and park near the two covered picnic benches closest to the sign that says "No trucks over 25 feet long" at the loop.

The metal roof over the picnic bench nearest the sign has a number on it 3629

Between the 2 covered benches is a fallen tree

Inside the trunk of the tree is the letterbox shoved in the hole with sticks and debris poking out of it. Please rehide this well, the letterbox will not stay out of sight if not held in place by the sticks and/or debris and this is a high traffic area so as always please be discreet and rehide well.

Please feel free to contact me about the conditions of the letterbox and/or your journery :o) Happy Trails!

GPS Cooridinates
N 41' 15.504
W 110' 55.954