Blank Park Two  LbNA # 45065 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 31 2008
LocationSt. Petersburg, FL
Planted ByGoosebump Gang    
Found By Moo Poo
Last Found Jul 20 2009
Hike Distance?


This is a very small park located in the Woodlawn area of St. Petersburg, Florida.

To get there one needs to travel on MLK Street N. (9th St. N.) to 28th Ave. N. Turn west and you will arrive at the east end of the park at 10th St., 28th Avenue becomes a one-way street around the park. Drive west and park on the street.

This letter box adventure will test your head, your mind and your brain.

There are four sets of these in the Park. One set in each major point of a compass and each set forms a triangle. Locate a point where the four triangles point and converge (intersect) at a single location. From this location you can see the entire park and its contents. Think like a compass, what makes the compass react the way it does? While standing at the intersection of the four triangles face to the south and observe. There is only one of these man made objects to the south. Now face to the east again there is only one to the east. Now face to the west once again only one. It is constructed of wood and metal. Now face north and you see none. While facing north point to your hand right if you have figured it out go that way and sit.

To find this letter box you will need to figure out the common relation between the magnetic compass and the object you have identified, it’s a sticky situation. The box is within your reach (not sight). Now get down and find that letter box.

Please make sure that know one is watching you and return the box (right where you found it) so that the next adventurer can locate it.