Vines That Entangle the Trees  LbNA # 45070

OwnerSaddle Bag    
Placed DateOct 31 2008
LocationChardon, OH
Found By MickeyMouse
Last Found Jun 14 2011
Hike Distance?

Park Rangers: Bryan Davison knows about this letter box.
If you have questions pertaining to this hobby, contact
Mr. Davison at 1-440-256-2110 Thank you.

Lake Metro Parks-Girdled Road Reservation
12899 Radcliffe Road, (south entrance)
Chardon, Ohio
Lake County 44024

Mayfield Road east to route 608
Left at 608
8.2 miles, there is a park sign on the right
Turn onto Radcliffe Road eastward
The south park entrance is on the left
This is a popular park for horsemen
Park near the FIRE LANE gate, far east end of lot

Green, brown and purple colored pens are required

Girdled Road Reservation is named for the first road that the early European settlers built from the Pennsylvania line to the new Cleveland in the early 1800's. A small path was cut first. Settlers knew that a larger road was need, so they "girdled" the trees along the path.
Girdling a tree means "cutting through the bark around the entire tree." This cuts off the flow of nutrients so the tree dies. Once the trees die, it is easier to remove it and thus widen the road. Today the remaining section of Girdled Road is the northern boundary of the park. Girdled Road Park was purshased by Lake Metro Parks in 1965.

Easy 20 minute hike
Just as you enter the trail, notice the memorial for Marjorie Daniels. Subtract the two dates and store it in your memory bank to be used later. Shortly, there's a trail to your right which will take you around a busy pond with wild fowl and pond plants when in season. As you pass a BAT HOUSE you should be at least 3/4 the way around the pond, unless you fell in as you were reading the clue sheet. Take the next right. Continue a short way to an intersection that holds a large boulder to your left. Notice a bench down the northern trail ?
Stand behind the bench at a north western direction, facing into a clearing. Open your memory bank and pace off what you stored. To your right the LB is hidden by SPOB.
After logging in, please re hide the LB in the same manner so others can use the same clues. From the bench, to your right (rock will be on your left) is the main trail that takes you back to your car. Keep in mind that this is a bridle trail.

Has anyone been watching you? Hope not!