OHC Horses #1  LbNA # 45071

OwnerSaddle Bag    
Placed DateOct 31 2008
LocationChardon, OH
Found By MickeyMouse
Last Found Jun 14 2011
Hike Distance?

Park Rangers: Bryan Davision (Activity Director) is aware of this letter box.
You can reach him at 1-440-256-2110, if there are any questions

Lake County Metro Parks-Girdled Road Reservation
12899 Radcliffe Road (south entrance)
Concord, Ohio
Lake County 44024

Mayfield Road (322) east to route 608 go north
8.2 miles to a right on Radcliffe Road at park sign
Park is on the left, very close
Park at the north eastern end of lot
This is a horse oriented park. Horse trailers park in the center of this lot. They are friendly people and love when people look and ask questions about their horses. Do so if you wish.

If your have a horse, these trails will take about an hour and a half to ride. Great for a day ride or just to work your horse. Trails are rolling hills with one steep hill that takes you down to a nice stream to water your horse. Then loops around and heads back to zig-zag your way on a flat trail to cool your trusty steed before getting to your trailer. The trails are well maintained by the park. Most the trails are fine screening, wide and shaded. You may encounter a deer or two, dog walkers and hikers. It's a beautful park.
Be sure to clean any mess your horse may leave behind.

Easy 20 minute hike

Hoof your way through the Fire Lane gate
Continue on the main trail keeping the ravine to your left.
A large boulder on your right at an intersection means you are doing good!
Choose the north eastern trail that takes you into a clearing
Soon it makes a right turn down hill and crosses over a small stream
Hidding in a few sparse pine trees is another large boulder
From this boulder trot off 15 paces where you'll need to spot a one foot high stump just off the trail. SHH...Listen up! Can you hear a faint nicker? You are so close...just BEHIND this stump, and between some logs, under rocks is a fine mount that any cowboy would truly enjoy. Gallop (if you have the energy) your way up to the bench to log in. Put the LB back in it's corral, hide well.
Re trace your steps back to your car.