It's Time To Think  LbNA # 45073

OwnerSaddle Bag    
Placed DateOct 31 2008
LocationChardon, OH
Found By SuperSee-ers
Last Found Aug 21 2015
Hike Distance?

Park Rangers: Mr. B. Davison is aware of this these
letterboxes. If you need to verify this, please contact
Bryan at 1-440-256-2110 Thank you.

Lake Metro Parks - Girdled Road Reservation
12898 Girdled Road (north entrance)
Concord, Ohio
Lake County 44024

Equipment need: Lead pencil, stamp pad
Difficulty: moderate
Time: 20 minutes

Mayfield Road (322) east
North on 608 8.2 miles
Passed park sign turn right on Radcliffe Road
Pass the first "Girdled Road Park entrance," continue on east
A short distance, turn left on Callow Road
At stop sign turn left onto Girdled Road.
North entrance of the park is on the left

Box #1 CLUE-Just passed the restrooms, make a sharp right to step over a PEDESTRIAN.
Follow this path to the first bench that you come to.
While sitting at the bench, ....look across the path for a short log with a piggy back shorter log on it. This hides your only puzzle clue. Study the clue...
Stamp your log book (mine will be in box #2 only)

Box #2 WORD-Continue down many steps...what a view!
Soon there will be a long bridge that spans the ravine, listen to the babbling brook as you cross.
Up a set of steps to a landing, face the bench.
To the right of the bench, a faint path runs parallel ( approx.10 feet) from the edge of the ravine.
Starting 20 paces up the path, a grape vine will soon make you duck.
To your right are two large trees 8 feet apart.
Stand bewteen them, facing away from ravine. 5 paces in, is a small flat rock on it's edge. Check it out!
The WORD is under some bark.

Now "It's Time to Think." Log in as usual. Thank you.
Go to the bench to work the puzzle, it may take a minute or two.
WRITE THE 9 LETTER WORD ON YOUR CLUE SHEET. This will make a good desk top.
Notice the stamp "WORD" has 9 letters. Your task is to make 8 more words by removing ONLY ONE LETTER AT A TIME from this 9 letter word. (no not scramble!)
Start with (9) letter word here > _______________________(8)letter word here>________________________
Be sure to place the BOX #1 CLUE where you think it best fits.
Have fun...and don't forget to replace the LB slyly.

Box #3 CHOOSE ONE-Make your way back over the bridge and go up and up and up.
As you step over the PEDESTRIAN one more time, turn right, then left onto a path that hosts an ugly stump. 11 paces to a huge tree on the left, in a nook, hides your next task.
Choose only ONE stamp that fits your summary of how well you did with the word puzzle.
Be as honest as you can with your choice of stamps. Your answer will not be revealed to anyone.....
It's just a fun word puzzle.....If you have any questions contact me at AQ
Hide the LB in its nook, to be there for the next letterboxer.
Watch out for watchers!
Look around and you will see your car.