The Meadow at Fisher Farm Park  LbNA # 45083

OwnerJoey's Family    
Placed DateJan 1 2009
LocationDavidson, NC
Found By weatherman
Last Found Mar 23 2016
Hike Distance?

Walking our dog Joey on the beautiful meadows and fields of Fisher Farm Park in Davidson has been wonderful. Enjoy this amazing place (walking, mountain biking, frisbees, picnics, etc.) while you look for our box.

Fisher Farm Park Address
21215 Shearers Road, Davidson, NC 28036

• Go to Fisher Farms Park in Davidson, NC.
• When you leave the parking lot, walk straight down the hills of the meadow to the bottom where there are trees in front of Rocky River.
• At the very bottom when you can walk and you are at the trees, there is a creek ravine in front of you behind the trees.
• To your right as you look at the creek is a small wooden bridge/wooden rail (no water underneath).
• Walk towards the wooden rail but don’t go through it.
• To the right, stay on this side and walk with the ravine on your left.
• There are trees to your left. Count 6 trees on this side of the small ravine.
• The 6th tree has a hole in it about eye height (the hole faces towards the parking lot).
• The letterbox is in the hole.

We were just there this weekend and it is alive and well! 10/25/09

Here are some partial directions as well.
From I-77 N go to Exit 30/Davidson, turn right. Go to second light and turn right/Main St. At next light, turn left/ Davidson Concord Rd. Go about 3/4 mile and make a left on Grey Rd. Follow Grey Rd. and it turn's into Shearer's Rd. Follow Shearer's for another mile or so. Turn right at Fisher Rd. Follow gravel driveway to barns.

From I-85 Take Hwy 73 west. Turn Right on Davidson Concord Rd. Turn right at Rocky River Rd. East. Turn left on Shearer's Rd. Turn left on Fisher Rd.