Placed DateDec 23 2008
LocationMuscle Shoals, AL
Planted ByOliver & Company    
Found By Shooting Smiths
Last Found Jul 8 2010
Hike Distance?


This box is in a VERY populated area. Virtually at the corner of a major intersection.
I wanted to place a box that had high traffic, but one that was a bit secluded in its location.
Once there, you will see.

FAME Recording Studios, the first successful professional recording studio in Alabama, was established in 1959. World renowned for creating "Southern Rock", Southern Soul and "Country Soul, an almagamation known as "the Muscle Shoals Sound",FAME has worked with everyone from Aretha Franklin to Tom Jones to ZZ Hill. In the last 40-plus years, FAME has been involved in recording or publishing records that have sold over 300 million copies world wide.
603 E. Avalon Ave.
Muscle Shoals, AL 35662

At the NE corner of Woodward Ave & Avalon Ave you will find Fame Recording Studios.
"Where it all Stated". Turn into the parking lot off of Avalon and head toward the dumpster located between FAME & CVS. There will be a small driveway that connects the two lots. Cross over into the CVS lot. It will be easier to access the letterbox and you can park your car to hide your attempt as well. Locate the holly bush closest to the dumpster. FAME is located in the center of the holly bush with a rock on top of the box. Be sure to replace the rock back ontop of the box. The box will have camo ducktape to camoflauge it.
Remember to use stelth when going after this box. This is a HIGHLY traffic area.