Highway, Interstate & Rest TX I-20 538mm  LbNA # 45097

OwnerStitches in Longview    
Placed DateDec 27 2008
CountyVan Zandt
LocationTyler, TX
Planted BySafari Man      
Found By echo
Last Found Mar 10 2012
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 15 minutes. Distance ~ 200 yards round trip
Please bring your stamp, a stamp pad, compass, pen and an old rag to wipe off the box/your hands.

The "Safari Man- On The Highway/ and Interstate" series depicts things one might see as they drive the highways of the U.S. These are targeted mainly for rest stops but might pop up anywhere. This letterbox is titled "Happy Motoring". Safe and Happy traveling!

Traveling WESTBOUND on I-20, between Tyler and Dallas at approximately the 538 mm pull off into the rest stop and dive just past the main building where you go to rest. Park, then go to the rear of the rest building and find the nature trail heading off to the left. Cross the bridge and then the next bridge and immediately after this second bridge turn right onto the dirt path to the creek. Stop at the creek and look ahead at the twin trunked tree up on the bank on the other side of the creek. Hop over the creek and make your way to that twin trunked tree"s backside and put the tree to your back looking out toward the fence a short distance away. Go to the fence and turn left and follow it a short way to the twin rusted poles in fence. Look left for a 4 trunked tree 3 steps away from the fence. Past it stands a 6 foot stump. (may not be standing much longer and its longevity was a concern when I placed the pouch...but short on time so went with it). Look in the upper portion of this stump, in the split for the Happy Motoring Letterpouch. (Note there are some light briars around this area so be careful in the summer months)
Please be discrete when retrieving and replacing this box since you might be viewable from the cars and main building not far away. When done stamping in, please replace the pouch as you found it and make sure the zippers for the baggies are closed securely since the pouch is not waterproof. And if you have time, please be so kind as to let me know the condition of the letterbox by contacting the placer at the top of this clue page. Glad to be of service!!, Glenn/Safari Man...