Planting a New Seed  LbNA # 45104

Placed DateJan 2 2009
LocationAberdeen, NC
Planted ByNora Bee    
Found By joeys joys
Last Found May 23 2009
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*This is my first letterbox and was planted with the help and in honor of my cousin Morgan. It was planted at the very beginning of 2009 in celebration of a new year!

The town of Aberdeen, NC was first settled in the 18th century by Scottish immigrants. It was originally called Blue's Crossing, and it is located near the golf and equestrian towns of Pinehurst and Southern Pines. Aberdeen is a small town, but it has several historical attributes and a scenic lake where many county residents enjoy a walk or a fishing trip. The letterbox can be found at this lake, which is located on US Highway 1.

Start at the gazebo, and walk past the blue bench. The water should be to your left. Watch out for geese and ducks! Walk past the tree with a hole. When you've reached the 15 and the yellow 6011-013, you're about halfway there! After the red sign, enter the wooded canopy. Walk for a ways, and go past Ezekiel, Casey, David, and Sarah, who are to your left. After you've walked over the fourth bridge, you'll reach 3 paths diverged. Choose the path that is the opposite of the right way. Halfway between the fourth and fifth bridges, the letterbox awaits. Find two trees of the same species which are standing very close together. Reach your hand between them and behind the tree to the left. You might want to remove scattered leaves and a covering of pine straw.

As you walk through the woods, you may notice a variety of trees and plants. Can you spot a magnolia, a fern, or a water lily? If you visit in warmer months, you might also spy a wildflower or two. Unfortunately, you might also notice trash that others have left behind. If you are able, it is a nice gesture to pick it up and throw it away to leave the park more beautiful for the next visitors.

For each of the first three finders of this box, we placed a special treat. Happy hunting!