Book Worm # 1  LbNA # 45114

Placed DateJan 3 2009
LocationKnightdale, NC
Planted ByJonesn4    
Found By Sudoku Crazy
Last Found Mar 8 2009
Hike Distance?

Go to East Regional Library 946 Steeple Square Court Knightdale. Park near the entrance to the Knightdale Environmental Park. Enter the park and follow the trail until you reach the walking bridge. Walk along the bridge and enjoy the scenery! The bridge will take you to an area where a dedication plaque is displayed. Look to the right and you will see stairs. Stand on the top step and look right. You will notice 3 holly bushes and other shrubbery- be careful not to step on them as you walk over to the bridge. Stand beside the first post and take three steps. Now, look under the bridge to find your "worm"!

After you find the worm, we hope you continue your "search" in the library -for a good book!!