You're in Scrub Jay Habitat  LbNA # 45125 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 3 2009
LocationLakeland, FL
Found By seswhoses
Last Found Dec 24 2010
Hike Distance?

Description: The container is a small lock&lock box located along the Scrub/Flatwoods (Multi-Use) Trail in Lakeland Highlands Scrub Preserve, located at the southern end of Lakeland Highlands Road (Rt. 37B) in Lakeland FL.

Directions: Begin your quest at the trailhead just inside the preserve entrance. Walk west along the trail. Where the trail begins its loop, keep to the north (right) fork. Continue west until the trail makes a turn to the south, approx. 0.8 miles from the trailhead. After turning south, you will pass some old fence posts on the left (east) side of the trail. Across the trail from the southernmost post, you will see a trail marker post. At this point you are approx 40’ from finding the box. Turn left (east) off the trail. You will see more fence posts on your left and a tall oak tree. If you stand facing this tree, you will notice 2 fence posts on its east side that may have once held an entry gate. If you stand between these posts, you are approx. 18’ from the box. Walk in a NNW direction to the other side of the tree. You will see another fence post beside the tree. Your quest ends at this post.