The Cheatham Challenge  LbNA # 45150

OwnerClio Clan    
Placed DateJan 1 2009
LocationMarietta, GA
Found By lionsmane
Last Found Nov 28 2010
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The Cheatham Challenge
About a quarter mile past the intersection of John Ward Rd and Dallas Hwy lies the entrance to the Cheatham Hill Memorial Park. Turn right into the park and follow it until it dead ends at the Illinois Monument. You will need to walk 200 yards to get to the monument and the open battlefield.
Search for the tombstone of Capt. S.M. Neighbour which lies near the Illinois Monument at Cheatham Hill. Looking at his tombstone, count the letters and numbers (don’t count the periods) that are engraved on his tombstone and find which letters coorespond to the following numbers: 43, 40, 41, 35. Unscramble these letters to form a word that gives a (very) general hint about the letterbox.
Next, find the letters that are located at the following characters on the tombstones: 10, 7, 2, 18, 6, Unscramble these letters to form a word that holds a second clue to the whereabouts of the letterbox.

With these two words now deciphered, follow the directions of the poem below.
A field where many have died before
holds what you are looking for.
Look in the left eye of clue # 2
And follow its gaze all the way through
At the end you’ll find clue 1
Move a few things and your search will be done.

Hint: to find the number of paces to walk from the bottom of the monument steps, figure out the rhyming clue below:

A two word name for muddy + holy woman. If you get these two words right, the number of paces required will rhyme with it. (i.e. if the words were Nifty Wine , the number might be Fifty Nine)

Good luck and make sure to read all of the signs around the park. It's an interesting story with over 3,000 people dying in this one field.