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Placed DateDec 27 2008
LocationTampa, FL
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Walt Disney founded the animation and entertainment empire which captures his name. Disney consists of four different parks, including Epcot, MGM studios, Animal KIngdom, and Magic Kingdom. Each holding millions of people everyday.
Downtown Disney began March 22, 1975, and started as the Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village, a shopping complex intended to serve the planned residences within Walt Disney World property. As residential places evolved into more resort hotel space, downtown became more focused on being a shopping destination for all visitors, and was soon renamed Walt Disney World Village in 1977. As a competition with other popular station clubs in Orlando, Pleasure Island was announced on July 21, 1986, as an expansion to the village. Pleasure Island was opened on May 1, 1989 on the same day that the other Walt Disney park, MGM studioes was opened. In june of 1995 major adjustments and expansions to Downtown disney were announced.
Downtown Disney holds the worlds largest Disney store. The area contains many shops and quick easy service resturants. Walt Disney had a dream to make fun-filled parks for kids and family to go and enjoy. Downtown Disney is one of many he has created.

this is a quick find!

Dirrection to letterbox:
Park in the Downtown Disney parkinglot, head towards the planet on the right of the big spinning aligator. Stand directly infront of this planet and search for the ballet dancer among the trees and plants. The box is hidden to the left of the ballet dancer under a fan fern.
Please place this letterbox back where you found it and hide it good.