(Mariott Park Indy) Just Duckie and the Show Ponie  LbNA # 45164

Placed DateDec 1 2008
LocationIndianapolis, IN
Planted ByDuckie & Show Ponies    
Found By Copper Acorn
Last Found Oct 31 2009
Hike Distance?

This letter box is located in Marott Park 7350 N. College Ave. in Indianapolis, IN. Park your car then head east across the open park field to the woods. Find the trail with the bicycles prohibited sign and follow it down the hill by several large fallen trees. Keep going past the large sycamore trees, one is bent south about 12 feet above the ground. At the second large tree take 7 large steps ending up where two paths cross. Take the path left or north, keep going over a wooden bridge. At the end of the bridge take the path that is toward the creek at 10-20⁰. The trail “T’s” before the creek, take it right. Don’t go down the hill toward the creek. Continue on the trail with the creek on your left, you will see the wooden bridge on the right. You will pass a fallen tree over the trail by a small creek bed. Go over the creek bed to the trail and turn right. You will pass by a fallen tree, the trail forks, stay left. The creek will be on your left. Before a small hill you will pass between 3 trees that form a triangle on the path. Stand in the triangle and take a reading of 240⁰. You will see an arched fallen tree up the small hill, head that way. Before you get to the arched tree there will be part of an old fallen tree that’s about 6-7 feet tall and pointing back toward the creek. There are two other fallen trees at its base. Check under the roots of the middle tree. The letter box is covered with sticks and leaves. Good luck, have fun!