The Lone Giant  LbNA # 45169

OwnerWebelos Pack 2    
Placed DateDec 20 2008
LocationPenfield, PA
Found By Monarch Lady
Last Found Sep 11 2011
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The Lone Giant

Parker Dam State Park started out as a large forest area with the small Laurel Run stream running through it. In the late 1800ís, lumbermen entered the area, cut down the large white pines, built splash dams in the small streams, and log slides for moving the timber from the hillsides. In the early 1900ís, logging railroads were laid into Laurel, Little Laurel, Moose and Mud Runs. The lumbermen left as quickly as they came and all they left as far as you could see were bare lands. Many years have passed and you now see that the conversion of this beautiful land was, and still is, an investment worth its effort.

Pick up a map at the Park office to locate the Souderís Trail. This trail begins were it ends.

Trail comes to a fork, donít go the right way!
Or else youíll be in dismay.
Rough terrain can be a pain so follow through to get to the next clue.

After your legs take a rest
You can go down the steps.
Enjoy the view
This place is here for you.
Across the bridge and to the stone wall remnants you will be
Check out the trailís sign, youíre almost there, youíre doing fine.

Just past Eric and Gage, guarding a young tree
At the trailsí closest point to the creek, the largest pine tree will be.

Standing at the base of the tree, where the roots show, thatís where youíll go.
Looking away from the stream 356 degrees NW, 23 paces at a ten-year-oldsí steps.
At the base of the trees, two alive, one is not
Your prize can be found.

Beware of the occasional snake and/or deer tick. Insect repellant is highly recommended during the summer months. It is also recommended to bring drinking water for the trip.

This letterbox location has been approved by the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR)
until 11/11/11.