Reader's Reward  LbNA # 45176

Placed DateJan 5 2009
CountySanta Clara
LocationLos Gatos, CA
Planted Bythe_sharpers    
Found By SweetStuff
Last Found Jan 17 2010
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Last EditedDec 30 2015

We enjoy going to the children's room at the Los Gatos Public Library (110 E. Main St.) whenever we visit the west coast. It is the starting point for this two-part trail. The path to Box #1 and back is about 0.2 miles; the trail to Box #2 is an easy half-mile each way on sidewalks. Enjoy!

Box #1: I love to read!

(This trail has a couple of steep parts, so wear sturdy shoes and proceed cautiously. It's best when the ground is dry.)

-Exit the children's library onto the plaza with the large fountain. Looking through the space between the Town Hall and the Police Station, you'll catch a glimpse of Pageant Park, a downtown pocket park.
-Go left down the stairs along the side of Town Hall.
-At the bottom of the stairs, turn right and continue to the end of the building. Cross the driveway where the police cars are parked and follow the sandy path into Pageant Park. Read the brass plaque to learn about this hidden corner of town.
-Find the spear-shaped rock grotto and climb up the steep path on the left side. Pass the ivy-covered tree shaped like a Y until you reach the fallen log with tangled branches.
-Turn right onto a narrow deer trail. Straight ahead is a large live oak shaped like a number four. The letterbox is wedged in the fork of two large boughs. If you reach the top of the larger rock grotto, you have gone too far.

Box #2: Yum Yum!

After an afternoon of reading at the library, we like to get a treat, such as an ice cream. One of our favorite spots in Los Gatos is Dolce Spazio Gelateria, located at 221 N. Santa Cruz, a nice walk from the library.

-From the front of the library, turn left onto Main Street and walk past the shops to North Santa Cruz Avenue.
-Cross to the far side of North Santa Cruz Ave and turn right, passing the movie theatre. Dolce Spazio is a couple more blocks down on the left.
-Enjoy an ice cream (Almond Amaretto and Espresso are our favorites) at Dolce Spazio, then go out the back door.
-Turn right and proceed to the large potted plant in the corner of the courtyard. The second letterbox is tucked behind the trellis in the pot.
-NOTE: This is an urban box--please be careful when you find it and keep this box hidden well!