Berea - On the Rocks  LbNA # 45257

Placed DateMar 5 2009
LocationBerea, OH
Found By Riverdog
Last Found Jun 25 2015
Hike Distance?

You will be looking for a two cup (5x3x3½”) lock & lock container that is covered with camouflage duct tape.

MATERIALS NEEDED: The box contains only a logbook and a stamp. Please bring your own Stamp-pad or Inking pens as well as a writing instrument.

DIFFICULTY: Recovery of this box will require round trip travel of less than 100 feet on a concrete walkway and a dirt path with minimal elevation changes.
Hike Length: 0.2 miles
Elevation Gain: 40 feet


Our family has resided in Berea since 1980, but we have only recently developed an interest in letterboxing.

Although we are very fortunate that the area is rich in letterboxing opportunities, I find that few of them have themes that are specific to the Berea area.

I am now placing a number of letterboxes featuring local culture, points of interest and history.

This, my fifth Berea box, is planted to make others aware of one of the few old Berea landmarks that was not radically altered during the period of extensive quarrying..



You will probably not be surprised when I tell you that the original settlers of this area lacked nearly all of the amenities that we now take for granted. No running water, electricity, etc. There were always things to be done so leisure time was scarce or nonexistent. However, it was the practice to attend church on Sundays, and then avoid all unnecessary labor. Sunday afternoons were the time for family activities and recreation.

Families would often visit a nearby scenic vista which was a series of rapids on the Rock River known then simply as “The Rocks”. This was also a place frequented by young men accompanied by the ladies of their dreams.

Photos of early Berea, including several of “The Rocks” can be viewed at the A Trip Down Memory Lane website maintained by Gary Baesel, a member of a highly respected pioneer Berea Family

Roads and paths were rerouted when the Cleveland Metro Park System bought up most of the land along the river to form a chain of park land nearly surrounding the city of Cleveland. For a number of years this natural wonder was nearly forgotten. In recent years a parking area and overlook platform were built along the valley parkway from which “The Rocks”, now identified by the more sophisticated moniker of “Berea Falls” can be viewed. Although it has been discouraged by fencing in most of the area it is still possible to follow a social path down to The Rocks that our ancestors enjoyed so much.

Few residents today are aware of this beautiful area. Today the primary recreational use in this part of the park is a feature not seen on any map or official park literature. About 300 yards north of the falls overlook you will find another parking area which is without identity. Never the less any Berea youngster could quickly tell you that this is “Sled Hill”.

So “The Rocks” has now become know in the minds of most as “Sled Hill”



The chain of park land knows as “The Emerald Necklace” passes through downtown Berea following an old railroad bed which is below surface level. A few blocks further North the Valley Parkway emerges to cross Bagley road on the west bank of the Rock River. For several blocks local roads combine with the Parkway before It twice branches quickly to the right to continue on independent of the local roads. A short distance after this second right turn you will see the parking place for the “Berea Falls” Overlook.
About 300 yards beyond this is the unidentified parking area for those using the better know “Sled Hill”.

Park near the Overlook, you will want to check out the view. Now while standing at the bottom of the stairs facing the platform. Turn right and walk about 20 feet to the end of the retaining fence. You will see a social path that leads down to “The Rocks”. If you choose to follow this path all of the way down to enjoy the view as our ancestors did be very cautious. The rock can be slippery, and there are no guardrails. I would not recommend that excursion for children or pets.

To locate our box you need to travel down the path about 25 paces to the point where you see two fallen trees, just to the right of, and nearly parallel to the path. Stop when you get to the near end of the first one of the fallen trees. Look up the hill just to the right of this tree and about 15 paces away you will see the stump of a tree that has been saw off . You do not want the stump that was broken off.

Your box is in the middle of this rotted stump covered by whatever was handy.

This is a busy area and you can be seen from many directions. Please exercise caution not to be observed while getting and placing the box. You may wish to return to your car to complete your stamping. Please replace it in a similar manner hiding it well.

Please let me know the status of this box when you find it.
It is helpful if you log your find both here and on Atlas Quest
I hope that you enjoy this adventure.