Mission Revilla a Visita  LbNA # 45333

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateJan 16 2009
LocationZapata, TX
Found By Walksfar
Last Found Mar 3 2016
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Distance to Minibox: 100 yards

Status of Minibox: Alive and Well

The "Mission Revilla a Visita" minibox is located in Zapata, Texas, at the Zapata Cemetery. Near the Courthouse in town once stood the Mission Revilla a Visita, which was established in 1750 as a part of Jose De Escandon's project to settle the region and civilize and Christianize the Indians.

Drive from Hwy 16 & Hwy 83 junction, west on FM 496 for about 1.3 miles. Turn left into cemetery. Go through gate, and straight back along everygreen row and park at end.

To the Minibox:
Walk to other side of evergreens (return road) and find "Perez" tombstone (black). From it, go to the 2 large italian cypress trees ahead, with "Martinez" tombstone between them. Go to right tree's right side, and look inside at about 4.5 feet high. Box is wedges in branches.