Spinach Capital  LbNA # 45354

OwnerSilver Eagle      
Placed DateJan 16 2009
LocationCrystal City, TX
Found By trail_trippin
Last Found Feb 7 2009
Hike Distance?

Terrain Difficulty: Easy (flat, 50 yards RT)
Recommended Ink: gray & green
Status: alive

With ample underground water and sandy soil, Crystal City produces 80% or more of the nation's spinach crop. It also holds a spinach festival every year on the second week of November and displays a statue of Popeye in front of City Hall. All of these things make Crystal City the "Spinach Capital of the World", and you can find this dedication to it at Edgewood Cemetery.

From US Hwy 83 just south of Crystal City take Hwy 155 to Hwy 1433. Go left for 3 blocks and turn right on Uvalde and continue to Edgewood Cemetery. Drive up the middle road to a jct and park.

Walk back down the road 45 steps to the graves of Alpha Ware on the left. Continue left 8 steps from the grave to an evergreen tree. The microbox is hanging in its branches. Please leave attached.