Ft Clark - Ft McKavett Military Road  LbNA # 45365

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateJan 17 2009
LocationJunction, TX
Found By CW Sun Seeker
Last Found Mar 11 2010
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Distance to Minibox: 10 yards

Status of Minibox: Alive and Well

*** Old West Fort Series ***

The "Fort Clark - Fort McKavett Military Road" Minibox is located near a historical marker sign for the "Outlaws of Pegleg Station". The Marker for this seems to be missing, but this is close to where the road was. This road led south from Fort Terrett in 1852 to Fort Clark, and north to Fort McKavett. Selected mainly due to the availability of water, it served as a route for freight and mail when forts were re-activated in 1868. The road carried troops, supplies, immigrants and ranchers. It was noted also for forays of Col. Ranald Mackenzie against the hostile indians in the area.

From Junction, go south on Hwy 377 for about 10 miles. Locate the historical market on the left side of the road (near a ranch house, and high bank on right side). Park off the road near marker.

To the Minibox:
Read the sign. From sign, go right for 10 steps. Go left to small evergreen, with big rock. Box is under this rock.