Calling the Queen Mary  LbNA # 45444

Placed DateJan 27 2009
CountyLos Angeles
LocationLong Beach, CA
Planted ByLifetish    
Last Found Mar 14 2010
Hike Distance?

You too can
Stand upon the planked deck
of a glorious ship
that crossed the high seas;
carrying passengers like precious pearls
within a shell born of iron, wood and 10 million rivets,
along with china to dine on
cotton sheets to sleep on
and money from all over the world to gamble on...
(And for the month of January 2009
you can imagine all of this for free)

Now as far as the clue goes...

Make a very red phone call on deck. Count the whales on the mural and then reach up high with your hand.

This letter box uses two forces to help it hide: gravity and magnets! Make sure both are used when you replace it.

That's all you need to know.

Comparison between Titanic and Queen Mary

Overall Length

* Queen Mary: 1,019.5 ft. (310.74 m.)
* Titanic: 882.9

Gross Tonnage

* Queen Mary: 81,237 gross tons
* Titanic: 46,329 gross tons

Transatlantic Crossings

* Queen Mary: 1,001
* Titanic: 0 - Ship sank on Maiden Voyage