SHIPS AHOY  LbNA # 45445

Placed DateJan 28 2009
LocationDania Beach, FL
Found By TheMasses
Last Found Sep 25 2013
Hike Distance?

Box is located in Secret Woods County Park
2701 W ST. RD 84
Dania Beach, Fl. 33312 954-791-1030
Park is closed Tuesdays but open 9a-5p other days
No Pets allowed.

At the boardwalk sign, "IT'S SLIPPERY WHEN WET"
walk on to the Laurel Oak Trail sign
don't get tired so soon, you've got a ways to go yet!

Turning right, walk down a mulch covered path
lush ferns and shiny leaved wild coffee you'll pass
till you come to a fork
and a question you'll ask

Which way should you go?
you'll get this one with ease
Walk right or towards the Southwest if you please
You'll walk past some palm trees
then pause at a bench
but don't tarry there, no time to sit!
Take a look at the multi legged limb
it's quite strange
veer 180 degrees, or south for a change

At the bat sign
you'll learn about echos and such
radars, and's really too much!

Once to the bridge,
the ferns like it wet,
An owl may screech "you're not there yet!"
For a woodmouse, this log would make a nice home
how quaint
Go to it's far end
4 benches await

now which one to choose,
well, you must decide
as only one holds the letterbox prize