Lewis & Clark in KS  LbNA # 4548

OwnerSilver Eagle      
Placed DateJun 21 2003
LocationLeavenworth, KS
Found By Astro D
Last Found Nov 5 2009
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Last EditedDec 22 2015

Replaced (11/05/09)
*** Part of my Lewis & Clark Series ***
Terrain Difficulty: Easy (flat, 40 yards RT)
Status: reported missing (05/17/11)


On June 26, 1804, Lewis and Clark camped at the mouth of the Kansas River in Kansas City, Kansas, where they laid up for three days. They made repairs, dressed deer skins and fixed the position of the confluence of the Kansas and Missouri Rivers. They stopped here again on September 15, 1806 on their return journey and enjoyed the view of the confluence from a high bluff. Today you can visit the Lewis and Clark Memorial at Clark's Point and enjoy the same view. On July 2, 1804, Lewis & Clark encountered their first Kansas village near Leavenworth. Then on their return in 1806, Lewis collected his final botanical specimen near the confluence of Three-Mile Creek and the Missouri River. Today you can visit this area within Fort Leavenworth, which is an active military base containing the Frontier Army Museum and a Lewis & Clark wayside marker overlooking the Missouri River. It now also contains this letterbox.

From Leavenworth, go north on Hwy 73, then west on Hwy 92. Turn right (north) into Fort Leavenworth and check in with the guard at the entrance. Continue north on Grant Ave. for 1.2 miles to the third stoplight. Turn right on Reynolds Ave. and go to the end. Turn left on Sherman Ave. and park on the right near the cannons overlooking the Missouri River.

Find the Lewis & Clark stone marker and go north 10 steps to cement steps leading down the hill to the Missouri River. Descend 14 of these steps to a landing about 4 feet long. Face left (north) and look on the back side of the cement wall for 2 chunks of concrete. One is at the base of a sapling and the other is directly across from it at the edge of the concrete walkway. Box is under lip of walkway, hidden by this concrete chunk. Please re-cover well.