A Celtic Butterfly  LbNA # 45484

OwnerMrs. Tiddlywink    
Placed DateFeb 1 2009
LocationRaleigh, NC
Found By adventurebabe
Last Found Feb 28 2010
Hike Distance?

Starting point: North Hills Drive- Bent Creek Greenway- Pass Shetland Drive and park in the parking lot of the apartments on the left, near the dumpsters.- then you will see the pathway downhill

At the bottom of that path, go Left into the tunnel. This is part of the Bent Creek Greenway. Shortly after coming out of the tunnel you will find a "totem pole like" hull of a tree. This tree has a carved face on it and a yellow hard hat on top. Travel up through the "V" made with the two logs lying on the forest floor that leads to the tree. Behind that pole, hidden in the root hole is a Celtic Butterfly!