The 100 Acre Woods  LbNA # 45486

OwnerMrs. Tiddlywink    
Placed DateFeb 1 2009
LocationRaleeigh, NC
Found By Pugs and Bee
Last Found Jul 24 2011
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The 100 Acre Woods

Start at the corner of 1000 Northclift and 6000 North Hills Drive. Park on the street and take the Capital Area Greenway Trail leading to Shelley Lake.

WARNING: This is a very well traveled path- you MUST be discreet and careful so that people do NOT SEE what you are doing!


Follow the trail down until you see a large cement sewer cover- the top is painted green -on the Right. Tis is just before there is a juncion of the trails. Stop there. Across from that is a large tree with moss growing at the bottom. PIGLET is buried behind this tree.Across from the 3rd Sewer pipe.


Take the very next trail to the Right. Cross the bridge and go left at the junction. Watch for the benches on the Left. Soon you will see a log beside a stump near the path shortly after a bench.It id on the Left. EEYORE is nestled at the end of the log. Caution for the muggles!

#3 ROO

Follow along down the path until you see anothe pathway tho the right. Go up this trail until you see the sewer pipes on the left. Follow those pipes until you come to the cement wall dividing it from the next set of pipes. On the right just behind this small cement divider is Roo hidden under a rock.


Walk down the path again, but go past the bridge you first came over. Go through the tunnel and then take the footpath on the Right- the one across from the hard hat tree with a face. Be careful as you follow along the water's edge! Shortly after going over a wooden bridge you will see a log on the forest floor on the Left.Stop there and look forward and find the hollow log that WINNIE THE POOH is resting near. He is sleeping on the right side of the hollow log near the front of it.