The Lost Burro Of Cripple Creek  LbNA # 45533

OwnerCW Sun Seeker    
Placed DateOct 19 2008
LocationCripple Creek, CO
Found By dusty trail
Last Found Oct 8 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 8 2015

Cripple Creek’s current donkey herd is believed to be made up of the direct descendants of the donkeys that were used to work the mines in the Cripple Creek & Victor mining district in the early years of the World’s Greatest Gold Camp. The donkey herd wanders where they want and eat what they want; whether it’s your lawn, flowers or trash. Once you offer a "treat" to the donkeys, they all gather around, and will keep following you, hoping for more.

Since 1933, Donkey Derby Days tops the list of favorite Cripple Creek events in June. . . watch a race featuring the town’s resident donkey herd. The donkeys are no longer ridden, but races are held by leading the donkeys through a series of obstacles on Bennett Ave. Proceeds from the weekend are used to provide feed and veterinary services for the herd. Also enjoy games, live entertainment, heritage competitions and other family activities.

Mt. Pisgah Cemetery is one of Cripple Creek's oldest and richest historic sites. The cemetery was established in 1892 and currently has more than 200 known "residents." Mt. Pisgah remains a natural site, with many species of native plants and wild flowers. Raspberries and strawberries may be found there as well chipmunks and mountain bluebirds. . . and sometimes, donkeys.

This box will be diffecult to find in the snow, and these dirt roads aren't plowed.

Directions: Eastbound on Cripple Creek/Florrisant Rd.., also Teller CO 1 - the cemetery is on the right. Carr St. out of Cripple Creek, westbound, the cemetery is on the left.

Gold King Rd. (one way) to a large garbage dumpster near an intersection of 3 dirt roads - one is Forest Queen Rd. You are now at the back of the cemetery. Park here, at the dumpster.

Clues: Walk away from the cemetery on the road to the right of the dumpster - Forest Queen. Stop at the lone Aspen tree on the left. Look across the road from this tree to a lone pine tree, a short distance away. This is where the Lost Donkey is waiting to be found.