flitting along #3 and #4  LbNA # 45563 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerDragonfly Wing    
Placed DateFeb 8 2009
LocationFranklin, TN
Found By beastwith5hands
Last Found Jul 29 2009
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flitting along #3 and #4

Flitting Along #3 and #4
From the city of Music go I65 South; exit west where the Springs are Cool. Turn right at the Grove of this Colorado tree and right in the Grove Park of this same Colorado tree.
After parking turn and face the Park. There are two trails, one left, and one right. There is a pavilion for picnics on your left, head to the left around the pavilion toward the play ground. Once you pass the play ground the trail splits, go left around the back of the play ground. If you get to the white fence you have gone too far. The trail winds around a hairpin curve. There are office buildings up the hill on the left, continue on until you see a culvert over a little creek. As soon as you cross the little creek look to your right where there is a huge pile of fallen trees. There is a smaller tree that the top 3/4ths has fallen atop the big pile of trees with about 3 ½ feet of the trunk still standing. The standing part of this tree has a hole in it. Flitting along #3 is in this hole. Look around to see that nobody is around as this is a heavily used trail. Please move away from the planting place to log. There are several benches further along the path that are nice places rest and to log. Be careful that no one sees you when you re-hide it. Thank you for re-hiding it back as you got it.
Once you have replaced flitting along #3, continue on in the same direction you were going, when you get to the main trail go left to the metal bridge, after you cross it look to your left where there is a group of large trees that look like they have been hit by lightening. Flitting along #4 is hidden down inside the split of these trees. Please move away from the trees to log. Be careful that no one sees you when you re-hide it. Thank you for re-hiding it back as you got it.
Aspen Grove is beautiful and well maintained. Walk around the trail a couple of times and enjoy the beauty, watch the birds, or sit for a while!
To exit you can go back the way you came or continue around the trail, it will also take you to the parking area. If you stay on the trail one complete round, it is a little more than ½ mile.
There will be six boxes in this series with each stamp hand carved from three different mediums the last two being “special surprise” stamps.
Each of these boxes has a "First Finders Award" as will the next two to be placed in the next couple of weeks.
Happy Boxing!