Devil's Punchbowl Park  LbNA # 45608

Placed DateFeb 8 2009
CountyLos Angeles
LocationValyermo, CA
Planted ByRAV    
Found By Kelsung
Last Found Jan 16 2010
Hike Distance?

Devilís Punchbowl Park Letterbox

This box is located in Devilís Punchbowl Park, Valyermo CA.

Difficulty: Easy

Once you get there, I recommend taking the trail to see the Devilís Chair (4 hours round trip) if you have time or the main loop (to the bottom and back of the Punchbowl, 1 strenuous mile round trip) if you donít. The Pinyon Pathway is much shorter and easier and still gives you a good view.

On the 14 freeway, head north toward Palmdale / Lancaster until you reach the Angeles Forest Hwy exit. Take the ramp towards Pearblossom Hwy / Littlerock / Victorville. Stay straight to go onto Pearblossom Hwy. After about 4.5 miles, make a right onto Pearblossom Hwy / CA 138. Continue with the highway until you reach Longview (next to the Town and Country store). Turn right onto Longview.

Continue on Longview. Turn left at the intersection of Longview and Fort Tejon.

Turn right to stay on Longview, and continue up.
Turn left onto Tumbleweed Road, which will become Devilís Punchbowl Road.

Head for the right side of the parking lot. You will see some blue porta potties. Near these is a trail sign in and post for the Burkhart trail (up 10 paces from the horse trail).

Head up Burkhart trail. You will pass a picnic area on your left, then a drinking fountain on your right.

Take the right fork when you come to the next trail post. Continue past the red fire-hose box. Before taking the fork, be sure to step (carefully) to the left side and take in the view!

You will see some fallen trees to your right, and up ahead, a light green water tank. Look to your left, and see a concrete trough by a telephone pole. See the tree next to it? At the base of that tree you will find the box. There shouldnít be that much traffic, since Burkhart isnít as popular as the main loop.

Please stamp lightly. I cleaned up most of the stamp, but there are a few protrusions that still show up with heavy stamping.

Watch out for snakes, bears, and mountain lions. The visitorís center at the parking lot can give you more information. Be sure to check out their animals and leave some food money!