Puma Paw  LbNA # 45612

Placed DateJan 30 2009
LocationTucson, AZ
Found By Kurious Jo
Last Found Jan 9 2015
Hike Distance?

Walk time: about 5 - 10 minutes one way
Trail difficulty: very easy
Status: alive and well on January 2, 2012

Just west of Tucson is a world-renowned natural history museum, wildlife zoo, and botanical garden featuring Sonoran Desert animals and plants in their natural desert settings. There is an admission cost to visit it; however, it is well worth the price.

After entering, obtain a map and go look for the Mountain Lion (“Cougar or Puma”) enclosure. Now look for the Mountain Lion stamping station which is next to the enclosure. Stamp your log book with the Mountain Lion paw print.

Now, go look at all the other exhibits – they are amazing. Plan at least half a day to see it all! You may purchase a special log book on which you can stamp the animal prints from all the stamping stations.

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