The Valentine Box  LbNA # 45618

Placed DateFeb 14 2009
LocationMarietta, OH
Planted ByJESSFRAZ    
Found By dead_white_man
Last Found Oct 22 2014
Hike Distance?

October 24, 2004. 10/24/04. A girl the age of 11 stands in this very parking lot after play practice, bashfully talking to her best friend about the night's events. Today, the young girl has a new boyfriend. After being begged by the girls best friend, the boy of 12 agrees to being the girls boyfriend, planning on only dating her for a few days to satisfy the friend.
Valentines day 2009. 2/14/09. the girl, now 15, is still seeing the very same boy. It has been 4 years. Fate?

1. Pull into the parking lot of the Mid-Ohio Valley Players Theater on 229 Putnam Ave in Marietta, Ohio.
2. Start at parking spot number *10* on the parking stop next to the wall.
3. Take *24* steps ahead towards 3rd street. You should now be standing at another parking stop.
4. Face towards the theater and walk *20* steps ahead at about a 40 degree angle. You should now be standing at the end of the yellow line of the last parking spot, closest to the stairs.
5. Still facing the theater, take *04* large paces along the line.
6. Look over the railing, towards the right and slightly downwards. The special box awaits there under leaves.

***notice that the numbers with stars around them form 10/24/2004. The date from the beginning of the story.