Deciduous Monkey I  LbNA # 45627

Placed DateFeb 14 2009
LocationAlma, WI
Found By twofreetimers
Last Found Nov 19 2013
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Deciduous Monkey #1
The Legend of the Deciduous Monkey

Anyone who has spent any time in the woods of Wisconsin or Minnesota knows what we are talking about. You are walking through the woods and you hear a cackling or screeching noise, you turn your head, and nothing is there. Maybe there is a clanking together of branches or rustling of leaves, but when you turn, nothing is there. A pine cone or acorn falls at your feet, you look up but nothing is there. You write it off as a crow cackling in the distance, a squirrel that disappeared behind the other side of the tree, a random falling of the cone or acorn.
But as you walk on it happens again. You turn your head quicker. You feel you are being followed and/or watched. Not maliciously, but mischievously. Still you see nothing.
My wife and I dedicated ourselves to the study of this woody mystery. And, through great dedication, we have discovered a new species!! With a glimpse of a profile here and a quick glance of an exposed tail there we have begun to examine the life of the Deciduous Monkey.
The Deciduous Monkey is very secretive and it loves mischief. It stays hidden and has eluded scientific research until now. For now, it is only documented in a series of letterboxes by Walkingstick.

The Deciduous Monkey has some regional variation. The Alma Monkey spends its time in the bluffs. Our research led us to the city of Alma, where we documented one of our clearest sightings. Follow these clues to find one of the elusive Monkeys.

Travel on Hwy 35/54 to the south end of Alma at the same end of town as the Dairyland Cooperative Power Plant. Take the road marked Cemetery Road/Mossy Hollow Trail Road (note the Cemetery Road touches the Highway twice, but it is only teamed with Mossy Hollow Trail once). This entrance is near a local bait shop. Park along the hill by the signs marked “Trail Parking”. On your right you see a sign for amlA yretemeC.

After you park, there is a brick building in front of you. The building looks like the cemetery maintenance shed and has a dedication plaque on the front. Follow the paved road to the right as it goes past this building. The road will come to a four way intersection. Turn left – heading east.
On your right, among the stones you will see an anchor carved in a stone tree marked Ganz. Count the number of small stumps that surround large one. Remember this number _________(A).
Continue down the paved path heading east. At the next intersection turn right (south) on the paved road heading uphill. The road will curve left, you must continue straight up hill leaving the road. Climb to the corner where you will find Cora Lees Gesell – a fighter for animal rights. Standing at the south side of this stone, with your back to the river take _________(A) steps to the small evergreen.
You will find your prize next to the base of this evergreen under some stones. Stamp, enjoy, and please rehide well.