Happy 30th Birthday  LbNA # 45631 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerQueenie Meanie    
Placed DateFeb 5 2009
LocationNehalem, OR
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

In celebration of my 30th Birthday I wanted to place a letterbox with my first hand carved stamp. There is also an ink pad included in the box.

At the entrance to Nehalem Bay S.P. you will find "Happy". On the right side you will be greeted by three trees. Each representing a decade of great memories. Facing my 20's go 120/130 degrees to your Left. You will see a pile of mile "stones". A little step to the left is a bank. You'll see a short tree stump and a shorter one in front. "Happy" awaits you under another milestone.

Now we're off to B "30". It's not as hard as you may think, but I cheated and stayed for the weekend. Behind 30 there is a little path to the SW. Duck under the Low Branch and take 10 Paces to a Large Family Tree on your Right, a few more steps and another on your Left. Stand on the back side of the later and line up with the site. At 45 degrees is a fern, a little more to the Right "30" is hiding ready to come out.

Always bring gloves, rehide well, and have a great time on the Oregon Coast. ~Queenie Meanie