Crockett Cedars  LbNA # 45642

OwnerMuddy Tracks    
Placed DateFeb 16 2009
LocationMidland, VA
Found By Funky Ceilidh
Last Found Jul 10 2012
Hike Distance?

Named for the man who donated the funds, a natural space where water runs
It now fills a lake for all to enjoy, families with girls or maybe a boy
Might walk down the dock with tackle in hand, hoping the ‘big one’ to land
There’s hiking and picnics, playgrounds for fun, come out and enjoy some time in the sun!
Live in the county, entrance is free; otherwise there may be a small fee
Park in the gravel lot on the left to take a stroll, the commemorative garden is your goal
From there find the clump of cedar trees, you'll have to scootch down on your knees
There should be a green tin with a coin for first find, beware of muggles but have a good time.