Creoso Y Cmyry  LbNA # 45661

OwnerSunny Side Up    
Placed DateFeb 17 2009
LocationWales, WI
Found By speech teacher
Last Found Oct 22 2013
Hike Distance?

Perhaps the most recognized image of the Village of Wales is the wooden bridge that is a surprise along the bike trail’s double reverse curve. The bridge marks the highest point between Milwaukee and Madison.

If you drive, park at the bike trail lot on James St. near Universal St. If you ride your bike, go to the rest stop in Wales. Adult bike riders will need a trail license, which can be purchased here.

When we moved to Wales in September 1997, our two-and-a-half year old daughter saw what is represented on the image of stamp, and thought it was a “Creoso Y Cymry” meant just for her!

What does “Creoso Y Cymry” mean? ____________________________________

The answers to ABC below can be found along the path to the box:
What day of February 1882 did the first train arrive in Wales? _____ (A)

How many forward-facing toes does the Welsh dragon have on the ground? _____ (B)

How many years did it take to make the cut here in the glacial landscape and get the bridge built? _____ (C)


There are three paths to get to the bridge – for ease and safety, I’d recommended the southern route. Start at the Rotary symbol embedded in the floor of the shelter. Take the wider of the two “paths” visible at “L” degrees, being watchful for other travelers. When you get to a t-intersection, head left. Just beyond the north end of the bridge is a sign. Nearby you may see the English language version of “Creoso Y Cymry” on a banner on the utility pole. From there, look for a bush at ABC degrees that holds what you seek.

Please be stealthy and rehide well.