Good Stuff (2)  LbNA # 45682

OwnerSaddle Bag    
Placed DateFeb 4 2009
LocationBurton, OH
Found By Super 7
Last Found Jan 9 2016
Hike Distance?

Place: Burton Log Cabin
Location: East side of the Burton Square (East Park St.) going north
Just slightly north of route 87
Itís on the left with plenty of parking available by cabin.
Hours: 10:00 Ė 4:00 7 days a week- year round

Difficulty: Easy
Equip.: Normal things
For more information about Burtons many local Pancake Breakfasts and other events,
check the websites:

Thousands of visitors came to the party in the park for the Grand opening in March 1931.
Additions were put on in 1931 1932, 1954, 1959, and the newest portion opened in 1962.

The Burton Log Cabin is a working sugar house producing maple syrup every
spring and making maple candy year round.

The Burton Log Cabin was patterned after Abraham Lincolnís "birth place" in Kentucky.

Clue: Look to and fro, high and low, STICK KINDLE hides your quest.
Remove half the kindling to find the President at rest in a sack.
I bet in Kentucky, heís had a pancake or two with lots of the GOOD STUFF, maple syrup.
Thatíll be in there too.
After stamping in, replace his roof and return it to the original place for others to seek.