Making a Truffle  LbNA # 45683

OwnerSaddle Bag    
Placed DateFeb 7 2009
LocationBurton, OH
Found By MickeyMouse
Last Found Dec 3 2011
Hike Distance?

Location: White House Chocolates & Candy Kitchen
14607 Kinsman Rd. (Rt. 87) Burton, Ohio 44021
(440) 834-3133
Hours: 10:00 – 6:00 Mon. thru Sat.
Directions: Approx. 2 miles east of the Burton Square on Route 87.
Watch for their drive way and a large sign on the right, about 10 feet
pass the Carter Lumber’s drive way.
Park behind the White House.
Ken and Debbie have a delicious store with a nice selection of goodies and gift ideas.
Notice some of the older items Ken has collected for display.

Things needed: Colored Pens……Black, Med. Brown to create the truffle.
Then, you can CHOOSE ONE of the three colors (or flavors) for the drizzle.
RED: for Cherry or Strawberry
GREEN: for Mint
Or Orange: (my favorite) or leave the drizzle white for Vanilla or Amaretto
I chose Orange for my drizzle, Dark Chocolate and Orange….is the best!
DARK CHOCOLATE: make the first layer in black then go over it with MED. BROWN, blending well.
Then, with your chosen color (or flavor), diligently, color in the drizzle, using the FINE POINT of your pen. (Check out the examples in the box)

NO NEED TO PROBE. The letterbox is partially in view. (not hard to spot)

As you enter the store, the fudge display will greet you. LOOK in that area carefully
If not able to find it there, move on to the truffle counter…LOOK all about…
You can always circle back if you think you missed it.
Or continue on to pass the chocolate covered nuts on the left…
You should be passing the pocket door by now..and entering a room that was once used as a parlor.
This room has two OUTER VIEWS…look carefully with your eyes to find the golden box that cuts the view in half.
PLEASE be respectful when stamping in, not to get ink any where but in the log books. Replace box as it was.

First finders gift included.
Take time to browse and try a sample or two. This should help you decide what you’d like to nibble on as you head home or to the next letterbox you have selected.
My husband and I tried the Dark Bark chocolate with cashews… We'd buy that again. YUM
What will your choice be… hard to decide! Don’t ya just want to buy them all!
Have a nice day.