War, Perhaps by Horse? (2)  LbNA # 45684

OwnerSaddle Bag    
Placed DateFeb 5 2009
LocationMiddlefield, OH
Found By MickeyMouse
Last Found Dec 3 2011
Hike Distance?

Passing through Burton. East on Route 87 into Middlefield. This is an Amish town, so be careful of HORSE BUGGIES carrying families.
Approx. 1 mile pass route 608 on the right, after “Middlefield Village Apartments.”

Things needed: Basic letterbox equipment, ink pad, logbook

The librarians are not aware of these letterboxes, be secretive.

As you enter the Middlefield Library, notice the stained glass on the right. This was done by Stained Pane in Middlefield on Old State Rd. If you’re into stained glass items contact them. www.stainedpane.com 440-632-0928 They do lovely work as you can see.

CLUES TO: Revolutionary War Soldier

Make a right, have a cup of coffee if you wish, only 50 cents…what a deal!
1. Locate a warm place where lizard’s fish and other pond things enhance a structure.
Julia & Martin will let you know you’re in the right place.
2. Standing in front of this, turn right, you will be entering the battle grounds soon.
3. March forward till you’re in the corner. A large rock shares the view to your left.
The flag is slightly to you’re right…take a moment to be a proud American.
4. With the flag at your left, forward march along the wall like a true soldier.
5. At the first intersection, do a left quarter military turn. Halt! Straight ahead is the code
number 973.977…there’re many wars in this corner.
6. Forward, march to the war zone. Halt, once again! You’re at the battle ground book case.
At ease…no need to worry….these wars are over! You are safe! Fall out; feel free to move
7. In the corner, find a soldier waiting to be released as he is stuck to the outer left side
of the shelf.

Stamp in and return the soldier letterbox to its fox hole for others to rescue.

CLUES TO: Fancy Horse
1. Continue along the wall as a civilian, with the windows to your left.
2. Pass the first pillar, chairs and many windows. At the second pillar, you should now be
facing a small magazine rack that’s at a 45 degree angle to the wall.
3. Count the sections sideways to seven.
4. Lift the door up to find the letterbox at the far left side wall, up high and way back.
The Arabian horse won’t mind the commotion. The librarian may have let him run off…lets hope not! Find a cozy seat to stamp in.
When replacing this box you MUST put it up and far back or the door will not close. Test it to be sure all is well.
This can be a busy area, so be discreet. Have fun.