OwnerGSD 1    
Placed DateFeb 21 2009
LocationGlouster, OH
Found By E&L
Last Found Aug 6 2009
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Burr Oak State Park. Over 3000 acres of wooded hills and hollows, located in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in southeast Ohio. It is approx. 15 mi. SW of McConnelsville and 4 mi. NE of Glouster. There are several entrances to the Park. This box is located on the Lodge and Cabins side of the Park. Take SR 78 from either McConnelsville or Glouster till you come to the entrance to Burr Oak State Park Lodge and Cabins. Come down the road to the T-intersection and turn left. Come on down and on your right you will see a sign that says Boat Ramp, turn left here and go down the hill. At the bottom turn left into parking area and go to the far right hand corner of the lot, and park.

Please bring your stamp pad, stamp, pen, and compass.
Difficulty: Moderately hard.
Terrain: Hilly, and steep in places.
Time and distance: Straight to box= about 20 min./ >¾ mile.

From the parking lot find the trail sign that says Ravine Trail 1.5 mi. Head out this trail and very soon you will cross over a wooden bridge and go up a hill.(Caution- hill and first part of trail is steep and can be slippery when wet or leaf covered and the trail is very narrow in places). To get to this letterbox, you will pass by other letterboxes. (TRIPLE FUN AT THE STATE PARK, and DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH).
After passing/finding Diamond In The Rough continue on out the trail. As you walk on, you will pass between a little miniature overhang (like the one you passed) on your left and large tree on your right. Continue on and you will see some boulders on your left above the trail. Keep going and very soon you will see a shagbark hickory tree with a blue blaze over top and to the right of a yellow blaze. Stop here and with your back to this tree look up the hill and you will see a boulder. Right behind this boulder is a large tree, and behind this tree is another smaller boulder. Then behind this second boulder is another large tree and then behind THIS tree is a very large boulder. Go to this boulder and stand on top of it. You are almost there. Now get your compass out and take a bearing of ~125* and you will see a tree that is 4 trees in one(actually it is 5 trees in one , but you can’t see the fifth from here.) Now go to this 1 that is 4/5
and you will see that the fifth is dead and has a hole in it. Look in the hole behind the bark and you will find SOMETHING BETTER THAN GOLD?.
Remember you are very near the trail so be very discreet in your stamping. You might want to take it back to that last boulder and stamp there.
Be sure to reseal and hide everything as you found it.
If you come in the Spring(Mid April to Mid May) this trail has many beautiful wildflowers to observe and photograph. You can walk on from this letterbox another 200-300 yards to a very scenic view, down on the Lake, or head back to the Parking Lot.
If you have any trouble finding the box, or you find a problem with the box, or any other comments, contact me. If you visit on the weekend, go up to the Lodge and find the Lodge Naturalist and let him know of any problems you have encountered, or other comments.
Enjoy your visit to Burr Oak.