Banana Slug #2  LbNA # 45732

Placed DateFeb 21 2009
LocationTroutdale, OR
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This letterbox was originally planted temporarily at Camp Adams, near Molalla, Oregon for the "We Live and Breathe Letterboxing" American 10th Anniversary Gathering as a Bonus Box to Banana Slug. Now it has a new home and its own published clues!


HIKE LEVEL: Quite difficult. Path is steep and extremely uneven but should be safe as long as you use caution, wear good shoes, and trust your instincts about your own hiking abilities. It's not a particularly long hike, just one that requires lots of "billy-goat" style clambering over big rocks. Do NOT attempt in wet weather - Seriously.

HIKE LENTGH: About an hour, round-trip on its own, an additional 15 minutes if done on the same trip as box #1.

CLUES (written with a TON of help from Der Mad Stamper):

Return back to the T mentioned in box #1 and this time continue west past the trail back downhill. Continue along the base of the rockface around a corner, ignoring another downhill trail on your left, to a point with a large rock covered in ferns and a smaller moss-covered rock on top of it. From here, the path splits three ways. If you stayed to the left, the path would dip down. If you went to the far right, you would have to scramble up a very steep, rocky path. Instead choose the middle route that steps up over some tree roots to a mound of dirt.

Next, climb a rough stairway of sorts made of rocks and roots. When you get to the top, you will find a narrow dirt path leading to the left. Follow this until there is a group of trees on your left and a double tree up above to your right. Climb up past the double tree to a rock wall. This rock wall forms a sort of three-sided frame for a spectacular viewpoint! Lean against it and look over the top to see an amazing few of the Sandy River far below.

To your right, notice a skinny snag projecting up from the rocks and climb down to a bench of stone just below it. Sit down on this bench and look to your right for tiny cave. The box is here, covered by a couple of small rocks. After stamping in, please replace the box and make sure that the rocks are completely covering it. It helps if you toss in a bit of organic debris, also, just to make everything look more natural.