Aliens by the Sea  LbNA # 45760

Placed DateFeb 21 2009
LocationSeaside, OR
Planted ByUFO Phil    
Found By Peas and Carrots
Last Found May 24 2009
Hike Distance?

Aliens by the Sea

Your journey begins at 610 on a concrete path used by humans for a leisurely stroll. Avoid the south. Begin at the nearest lampost. Enjoy a view of the sea to your left, to your right the humans make accomodations.

As you move in the favored direction, you'll pass the wind in our hair and the sea in our shoes. Sit down if you're tired. But don't linger too long, our journey continues. Stay the course, waves to your left, four winds and tradewinds to your right. Enjoy another brief sit with family, sand, wind, sun.

Continue on until you reach the last break in the sea wall. Face the ocean. There are mysterious creatures lurking out there in the sea...somewhere. But, you will not walk that direction. Forego the obvious path to the west. You are still heading in your original direction, but now your path is made of dirt (Earth if you will). Walk the path along the fenceline until you find the break in the fence which leads to a street (approximately 85 steps). You will not pass beyond this fence. Face to the west, your path has led you to a crossroads. Take the path toward the sea for approximately 55 steps. You are now at another crossroads. Turn and face 330 degrees. Walk on this path for about 23 steps. Now take the tributary path which veers toward the right (Exactly north on the compass). You will walk 18 steps to a tree.

You are very close now. But, are you in the right place? As you stand at the tree, to the east you'll notice a tan castle with a round window in the center. To the west is a low dune, over which is the beach and the sea. If you were to continue north on the path, you would walk up a slight incline. But, your journey is complete now.

Can you keep a secret?

You are now in the very spot where an alien craft crash landed in 1972. The aliens were disoriented from the impact but enjoyed their Seaside holiday.

The object you seek is hidden at the base of the short evergreen tree. The best way to fetch it is to enter from the northeast portion of the bush. You may have kneel and reach for it. It should be covered with pine needles and earth. Please return it when you are done examining it. Please be sure to disguise it again.

Beware of Bad Aliens lurking in the dunes.