Stolen!  LbNA # 45789

Placed DateFeb 28 2009
Location???, PA
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My breath came in rapid gasps as I hurried down the trail, my chest was on fire with each breath. The small object in my pocket seemed to weigh me down. What had I gotten myself into? I was an art historian not a thief!
I slowed my pace and took several deep breaths to clear my head. The beginning, I'll start there and tell my story. I had been hired by the Foundation to search the country house and find some small items of interest which might be sold discreetly to raise some much needed funds.
I had found several pieces of American art that fit the profile. Then when going though the drawers of the desk in the Dr.'s study I had found a rare treasure. A small carving on rubber. It was tucked in the corner of the desk in small plastic bag. With just a cursory glance I thought it might be a Matisse. It had that look. What was it? A study for a larger piece? I could not guess at this point. It was at this juncture the director chose to enter the room.
I could not let her see it just yet, I needed more time to evaluate it. If it was I thought it was it some private collectors I knew of would pay handsomely for it. If it was a Matisse I could not let it fall into thier hands never to see the light of day again. With out thought I slipped it into my pocket.
The director eyed me shrewdly as if my guilt showed plainly on my face. Her small eyes narrowed her thin lips in a moue of distaste. "Have you come across anything else that might be of interest?", she asked. "No, I don't think so", I replied. "I was just thinking I would like to take a little break and walk around the grounds. A few minutes outside to clear my nose of all the dust..." I trailed off weakly. " Suit yourself", she replied tartly, "but I do not have time to join you." "you may take 15 minutes, we are paying you by the hour."
I dropped my eyes and hurried from the room. I stepped out the house went down the drive and then left onto the public trail.
I took the small image out of my pocket and studied it again. I didn't know what it was but knew I could not give it to the director. Somehow this small piece of art spoke to me and a felt I must protect it. I would hide it and come back for it another time when I had a clearer vision.
I looked around for a likely spot. It had to something I would remember. A distinctive tree! It is not often one sees a tree with a double V. Behind it that large rock is the color of the stone cottages in the Cotswolds. Tucked here on the far side of the rock it should be safe until I can return.