Rachel's Gift  LbNA # 45790

OwnerLone Star Quilter    
Placed DateMar 7 2009
LocationWeches, TX
Found BySteph7 (Attempted)
Last UpdateFeb 14 2015

Jackson Fitzgerald, my great great great grandfather, came to Texas from Tennessee in 1839. His great granddaughter, Rachel Bradberry, was born in San Augustine County in 1898. She grew up on a farm and lived in a log dog-trot cabin. It was there that she learned to make quilts. Quilting was an important part of life in those days, not just a hobby. Quilts were not an art form, but a necessity. Homes were heated by the warmth of a fireplace during the day and at night, not at all. When you went to bed on your feather or cotton-stuffed mattress, you would have two or more quilts to keep you warm. When I would stay overnight at my Granny’s house, she turned off all the heat and the only thing that kept us warm was her quilts. I remember playing under the quilting frame in the living room, where Granny and her sisters would meet a couple of times a year to quilt. I learned to love quilting from my Granny, Rachel, and now hardly a week goes by that I’m not involved with the process of quilting, either playing with different fabrics, designing a new quilt or piecing one. Quilting is a special gift from my Granny, Rachel Bradberry O’Neal, and a real Texas Heritage.

This letterbox will be available at the TALE6 event at Mission Tejas State Park, Weches, Texas, on March 7, 2009.



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