Schoolhouse Rock: Interjections!  LbNA # 45798 (ARCHIVED)

Owner4 little piggies    
Placed DateMar 1 2009
LocationMurfreesboro, TN
Found By Pair_of_Monkeys
Last Found Oct 28 2012
Hike Distance?

Many thanks to Sudoku Crazy of North Carolina for the Schoolhouse Rock: Interjections! stamp. It came to Murfreesboro as a replacement for a stamp of the same name that I lost to the PLB netherworld. First and second finder certificates!

Hey! Stop running!
Wow! Look at the turtle sign; turtles are my favorite!
Gee, they have a salamander sign, too!
Hurray! We're going counter-clockwise!
Jeepers, look at the insects.
Lo and behold, it's all the state symbols of Tennessee.
Well, look at that giant heron.
Yikes! If that grass real, it would be scary.
Whoopee! I can climb between these two trees that make a letter "V."
Whoa, I'm losing my balance...
Whoops! I fell onto the big rock at the base!
Well, that really hurt!

Please be cautious of nonboxers, use stealth, and rehide boxes as well or better that when found. Bring your own ink, and there is room for small hitchhikers. The placements are approved by the appropriate people. Watch for poison ivy and oak, it grows fast in season.