Crow Canyon Box  LbNA # 45800

Placed DateFeb 28 2009
CountyRio Arriba
LocationBloomfield/Farmington, NM
Found By huginn
Last Found Apr 21 2012
Hike Distance?

You must be ready for an adventure if you go searching for this box. The road through Largo Canyon is dirt, it is fairly well maintained because of all the well sites in the area, but I suggest that you go during a good dry time, it can get really muddy.
I’ve been told you can get into the canyon from Albuquerque, NM off of US 550, but it is on 40 miles of bumpy road vs the 20 miles from US 64.

Crow Canyon Archaeological District was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1974 (#74001200) to recognize the high quality examples of Navajo defensive sites and rock art dating to the 16th-18th centuries.

Crow Canyon lies within a broader area known to the Navajos as Dinétah. Dinétah is the location of many traditional stories and events pertaining to the origin of the world and the creation of the Navajo people. Crow Canyon and the surrounding mesas and canyons of the Dinétah contain the greatest concentration of Navajo rock art and defensive sites in the southwest United States.

In the canyon you can find hundreds of rock art images of animals, plants, geometric shapes, and persons of historic and traditional importance to the Navajo and Pueblo people. Numerous defensive sites in the canyon, called pueblitos, were constructed between about 1715-1759 during the period of unrest between the Navajos and the Utes.

Site Protection: All of the cultural resources in this area are protected by the Archaeological Resources Protection Act. Please show respect by not disturbing or damaging any of the sites you may visit. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE ROCK ART.

TO FIND THE BOX: Get on US 64 and head east from Bloomfield, NM through the small town of Blanco, cross the river and watch on the right for a turn into Largo Canyon, this is County Road (CR) 4450. The turn off is marked by signs for Cutter Dam and a larger one for Enterprise Product Operating L.P. Here is where the dirt road begins. Head towards 5 mile bridge (the road will Y towards Cutter Dam, STAY TO THE RIGHT) you will cross both 5 mile bridge and 10 mile bridge. Ignore the side roads and stay on the main rd CR 4450. Once you cross 10 mile bridge go 10.6 miles where there will be a small BLM sign on the left that is marked Crow Canyon & points to the east. (You could easily miss this sign, watch carefully) Turn left and head straight toward the canyon wall. You will have to cross Largo Canyon wash (make sure it looks dry, the wash is wide and we don't want you to get stuck) on the other side of the wash the road will Y, stay to the left (there will be another small BLM Crow Canyon sign here). You will come to an open gate, drive through to a large BLM sign that is marked Crow Canyon and says main panel to the left drive until you see one more small BLM sign that will send you to the right to a parking area. The trail head begins at a metal sign-in box, follow the trail to the second information sign and look toward the canyon wall where you will see an exquisite panel of petroglyphs. Go up to the panel (don’t touch!) and look to the left for a lonely Juniper tree, the box is at the base of this tree under a nice flat rock.

The hand-carved stamp placed here was carved by Aspen especially for Crow Canyon
Please carry out more trash than you carry in!