R.I.P.-avilla  LbNA # 45802 (ARCHIVED)

Ownerfollow your heart    
Placed DateMar 3 2009
Locationspring hill, TN
Found By The Seekers
Last Found Jan 17 2011
Hike Distance?

(start on I-65 near spring hill, tn)

By way of the sunset on the parkway of the ringed planet,
continue to the end and dont take 31 for granted,
follow the way of the birds when the air grows cold,
and before long to your left will be this plantation of old,

start down the lane keep the big house to your right,
follow the pavement till the gravel's in sight.
left is the way the 2 roads become 1,
the right at the "brown stand" is not the right one,

keep the museum on your left or you've gone the wrong way,
if not you'll pass the house where the slaves used to stay,
keep to this course until the picketts you've passed,
when you reach the stone wall let off the gas,

no need to enter the old sacred ground,
head off by foot counter clockwise around,
line up the entrance and the stone of old Nate,
and you'll be at the corner where the box lays in wait,

at the base of the wall on the hand of your left,
is a stone out of place behind which the Villa's at rest.

*(there is a very juicy love triangle associated with the plantation that is soon to by a play called "scathe")