OwnerGSD 1    
Placed DateMar 5 2009
LocationMarietta, OH
Found By walkingman
Last Found Sep 12 2012
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Very easy.
Terrain: Flat and level.
Distance: less than 300 feet to box

Please bring your stamp, stamp pad, and writing utensil.

Jackson Hill Park in Marietta is located off Cisler Dr.
Drive up Washington St., and it turns into Cisler Dr. just past the end of Oak Grove Cemetery. Continue on Cisler Dr for less than a mile to the Park Entrance.

As you drive up the hill into the Park, at the top there is a sign that you can CAREFULLY ignore and turn left and head back to the playground area. Park anywhere back here, or even drive back to the picnic shelter and park there. To the right of the shelter you will see three structures from which this box gets its name.
Head back to the farthest structure(red/white). As you come down to it, just before the fence, look left. You will see a small telephone pole log retaining wall. You may have to search a bit. As it can get overgrown with tearthumb vines and weeds. What you seek is on the other side of this wall under a large rock. You can probably do your stamping right here, as this is not a heavily trafficked area, or take it behind the shed, out of sight. Replace as you found it and have a nice day letterboxing.
Please let me know of any troubles.